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Дача в СНТ «Запрудное» на опушке смешанного леса, вблизи п. Запрудный (20 км от Коломны).

Участок 9,2 сотки правильной формы, крайний. Огорожен забором из сетки рабицы.

На участке двухэтажный кирпичный дом с гаражным пристроем, состоящий из кухни и двух больших спален.

В доме электричество. В 150 метрах от участка – колонка с питьевой водой.

На участке растут яблони, сосна, малина и кустарники и многое другое. Имеется свой колодец.

Отличное место для уеденного отдыха: с участка виден красивый лес, богатый на грибы, с земляничными полянками, в 600 метрах от участка лесное озеро где можно освежиться и ловить рыбу.

Садоводче кое товарищество благоустроено, организован вывоз мусора. В 2-х километрах находится п. Запрудный с продуктовым магазином и большим водоемом с организованной бесплатной рыбалкой (рыболовный клуб «Запрудный»).

Расстояни от МКАД 120 км. по Новорязанскому шоссе.

Очень уютное и приятное место для души!

Цена:  700000 руб.

E-Mail: centr_profi@inbox.ru
Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»Дача в СНТ «Запрудное»

Enough is enough. It's time to put the New York Jets' quarterback competition to rest. Eric Decker JerseysJosh McCown should be declared the winner, albeit by default.

Given a terrific chance to state his case, Christian Hackenberg -- in a surprise start -- failed to generate any semblance of offense in the Jets' 16-6 loss to the Detroit Lions on Saturday night at Ford Field. In five possessions, Leonard Williams Jerseysthe Hackenberg-led Jets crossed midfield only once (barely) and looked utterly lifeless.

This was a great learning experience for Hackenberg, who faced a starting defense, but it has become clear he's not ready to be the starting quarterback. In 13 possessions over two games, he has generated zero points. This week, he couldn't get away with his dinking and dunking. The Lions played tight coverage and pressured Hackenberg, who completed only 2 of 6 passes for 14 yards.

Like it or not, McCown -- who got the night off -- gives the Jets (1-1) the best chance to win. Assuming the goal still is to win games, Matt Forte Jerseyscoach Todd Bowles should give McCown two-plus quarters next week against the New York Giants and name him the opening-day starter. It's time to get serious.Bryce Petty played the entire second half, and he looked better than Hackenberg. Playing against the Lions' backups, Petty (15-for-24, 160 yards) led the only two scoring drives and was able to push the ball downfield. He threw an interception, but it was a desperation throw in the final seconds. If there was any doubt about Petty's roster spot, Nick Mangold Jerseysit should be gone now. He did reasonably well for a guy who hasn't had many practice reps.

When it was starters vs. starters, Brandon Marshall Jerseysthe Jets looked ...: Overmatched -- and that's being kind. The starting offense, which played the entire first half, managed only two first downs and 43 total yards. Running back Bilal Powell, in his preseason debut, got the ball on every play except one -- nine rushes, two catches. The defense allowed two long scoring drives, struggling with short passes. The Jets kept it vanilla from a scheme standpoint, which might have been a factor.

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